Sarasota Sister Cities has an aggressive program of social networking. We use the internet to get out the word and to try to improve communication among our members and other interested citizens. Our addresses below:



The first three systems primarily get the word out.  We first write what is happening on the blog.  The Web site automatically picks up the latest 5 posts from the blog.

Pinterest provides a great pictoral history of the organization. Tom Halbert and Gayle Maxey have posted a great deal of information and photos on the site.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ are all designed to get people to interact. We post a short message on each system with a link back to the blog. You have to sign up for these programs - this is free and simple.  You will want go to our pages and like or friend or link to them. Then you will see what we post and everyone will see what you post. Over time we hope to get a number of people interacting on these systems.